Historical Genealogy: St. George Area Resources

As mentioned, we haven't yet built any of our Historical Genealogy web tools. To date we have gathered a lot of data and we have conceptually designed a number of the user interfaces and databases. As time and funding allow we will begin building the actual tools to help people access this data visually and eventually be able to contribute also. For an idea of the types of tools we are going to be building we invite you to see our WRI Timelines Demo. Although the project shown in the demo is centered on displaying the scriptures graphically, hopefully you can still get the basic concept of where we are headed (the scriptures are all about genealogy and history so there are many common elements). For our Historical Genealogy tools we will connect data similar to the tables shown below:

Sample General St. George Area Information Washington County- Timeline Parley P. Pratt Expedition Original Indian Mission Company Original 309 Families Called to Dixie Early St. George Area Leaders

Sample Information on Individual Pioneers and Their Families Moses Harris- Summary of Resources Moses Harris- Timeline of Places Lived Moses Harris- Pioneer Travel Company Moses Harris- Census Records

Sample Information on Specific Communities in the Area Harrisburg- Historic Outline Harrisburg- First Settlers Harrisburg- 1870 Census Harrisburg- Marriages Harrisburg- Cemetery Index

Sample Information on Specific Structures in the Area Historic Structures- Cotton Mill

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