Our Ideals & Governing Values

The WRI upholds the mission statement: "Building Zion- Across the West". For us, Zion is a group of people that like one another, who know how to work together, who live by a common set of moral values, and who do not leave anyone out. We believe that each of these elements is necessary to attain true success. All of our Zion Communities projects seek to help families, neighbors, and communities in their efforts to achieve these ideals.

One Heart:

We believe that true success requires friendship. A true victory is one shared of heart by a group of people knit together in love- starting in the home. One of the best ways to become of one heart is to spend time together: sharing ourselves with one another and learning about each other. We seek to encourage this unity first and foremost within our own homes with our own families. From the foundation of the family unit, we encourage families to grow bonds as a family with other families, especially in their own neighborhoods. Many of life's greatest joys can be found within our own families and as families grow friendships with other families through shared experiences and interconnected lives.

One Mind:

We believe that true success requires joint labor. A true victory is one where all worked together to accomplish a worthy, shared objective. We believe that a Zion people is a group that knows how to work together. Many of our seasons of greatest joy are times when we are united with others on a project we all believe in and eagerly seek to accomplish until we get fruit. We seek to create tools to help families connect with other families with similar goals, in their own neighborhoods. We also seek to create tools to help families outline their objectives, collaborate efforts and realize their worthy objectives to strengthen their community.

Dwelt in Righteousness:

For us, this is a group of people, sharing a common set of values, that live peacefully and equitably together. For Latter-Day Saints this means living the basic gospel plan our Church leaders and scriptures set forth. For all people this is sharing our values with one another and coming to a unity of faith or belief and living by those values and being very loving but firm with them.

No Poor Among Them:

We define this as a group of people that does not leave anyone out. For a young family it might mean finding ways to help even the youngest children take part in our family activities. In a family with teens it is about remembering the diverse talents and interests of each of our children and putting forth the effort to make regular family activities work for everyone. As a group increases in size its still about not leaving anyone out: whether economically ("no poor"), intellectually (abundant educational opportunities and patience in explaining complex principles to others), socially (including others and truly being friends with opportunities to share and listen). We believe this level of compassion, love and empathy makes the experience of everyone richer and is an important part of what makes us children of God.