Our Goals

Most of our focus right now is on our Scriptural Science goals. As such, the goals listed below are more future directions than current and active goals.

We have conceptually developed a handful of web tools that we believe will help families connect with other families in their area. Some tools will be designed exclusively to help families meet other families with similar interests. Most of the tools will revolve around family centered neighborhood projects. Initial areas of the Arts, Gardening and Food Storage, and Community Beautification have been selected. Tools will help neighbors choose, plan, advertise and execute all within a very limited geographic area. Friendships and learning how to work together are more the goal than the actual projects.

We invite you to look around and explore the other parts of our small site. If you like what you see, Contact Us. We would love to hear a word of encouragement or your experiences with any of these areas of interest. If you want to get involved, please let us know, or leave a few dollars to help us along.