Historical Genealogy

Genealogy, or the study and research of our ancestors, is one of our nations leading past-times. To learn about our ancestors, their lives and experiences, is a very fulfilling hobby. Many organizations are involved in massive extraction projects to make archives of data on our ancestors available to the public. Up until now, most of these extraction projects have focused on key archives of critical transitions (such as migration records) and summary archives (such as census records). We believe there are yet many untapped resources by moving to a more local scale and by making the records more personal.

Historical Genealogy is a phrase we have coined to describe a new way of doing family history. It is about coming to know your own community and the early founders or pioneers that laid the foundation for the local privileges you now enjoy. The goal is to take the locally available public records for these early historical periods and tie them together genealogically. Examples would include taking local plat maps and tying the properties to personal pages on the people that lived there based on census records, marriage records, birth certificates and the like. Local news articles and other local resources would also be tied in.

This process of finding all of the locally available resources on an individual and tying them to books and historical records is currently done by thousands of individuals that are related to the persons. All of their work is being duplicated and because the researchers are typically living far away in another part of the country, or even another nation, the effort being extended is enormous. Our goal is to create web tools that support local genealogical organizations, organizations which are already focusing on local preservation, and help these organizations to make their historical research available in a framework that both shows the history but also makes it very personal and family centered by tying family records to this history. In this manner we will serve the many descendents of these great pioneers, but we will also create historical resources that tell the real story: that every community was built by a fabric of committed individuals that loved one another, served one another, and labored side by side with strong interconnected lives. In other words, we will learn that we can make our communities better one day at a time as we get to know our neighbors and love them and both serve them and serve with them.

We have started our project here in the St. George area. Our webtools are still being developed but we do have a few resources we would like to share: Resource Files: St. George Historical Genealogy Family Activities: Community History Related Write-ups

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