Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Zion Community?

Zion Communities is a new phrase we have coined to describe a group of people striving to live as a Zion people. As such, in its simplest form, all good people everywhere are seeking to make their homes and neighborhoods Zion Communities. We have introduced this name to help express our goals to build tools that help families and neighbors connect with others near them to effectively carry out work projects that benefit their local neighborhood.

Why St. George?

We are a largely LDS organization. We have been taught by our Church leaders to build Zion where we live. The WRI is a St. George based organization and thus it was selected as the first place we would develop our resources. As resources and interest allow we will expand our services to other areas.

Are you going to produce materials for places outside the St. George area?

Someday we hope to develop write-ups and resources for communities throughout the West. Different tools will allow for general use in any geographic region, while others will of a necessity be limited to smaller geographic regions. As we get closer to the development of each specific tool, we will provide information on the scope and regional extent of the tool.