Developers Corner

In 1943 Winston Churchill stated: "We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us." His was an appeal to history and how architecture had shaped English government. We believe this is also true of urban design and development. We design our communities: the layout of streets, the location of neighborhoods, churches, parks, and commercial districts; and then these structures shape us and how we interact with them and with one another.

In 1833, the prophet Joseph Smith outlined for the Latter-day Saints in Missouri the manner in which development was to proceed in "Zion". This plat and the accompanying instructions later served as a model for the development of many communities in the West. From the writings of ancient and modern prophets, as well as historical perspective on how the implementation of these Zion principles actually looked, we can gain insights into family-friendly development.

The WRI encourages research, founded on the writings of the prophets, regarding family-friendly development. We hope to share this research with developers and city planners as they shape our communities and future. We also seek to develop open, interactive web tools for visualizing and sharing long-range planning options.