Living in a Small Town: Our Leeds Experience

There is something special about a small town where everyone knows each other and where community activities are less productions than just having fun as friends.

Our family lived in Leeds, Utah for a couple of years when our children were younger. While there we were welcomed into their small community family. It was a singular experience.

In Leeds, going on a family hike was walking out the front door and turning right. Every street in the town is within a few blocks of nature. We saw all sorts of wildlife, desert flora, and spectacular geologic landscapes. Going to Church was worship among friends and among neighbors. We knew one another and each others' quarks and personalities. There was no room for pretenses and show. Without the block walls and with small homes that forced you to live outside more you just got to know one another better.

A couple times we also participated in community plays. It was just a couple dozen people getting together a couple times a week to have fun, share and practice our parts. There was no standing ovation, no big fancy theater, no stage crew and lights display. It was just neighbors sharing their talents and personalities with neighbors. It was simple but profound. It changed my views on life in so many ways and gave life to so much of my research findings. It is the hope of the WRI to someday create tools that help us in the big city at least have a taste of this incredible and unique lifestyle of just being families, just being friends, and just being a community. Initial projects will be in areas like the arts, gardening and food storage, and community beautification. Join us.